Another Name for a Legal Claim

The synonyms demand and claim are sometimes interchangeable, but demand involves determination and perseverance, and often the right to make demands that must be considered orders. 1. The essence of optimism is that it has no regard for the present, but is a source of inspiration, vitality and hope where others have resigned; It allows a man to hold his head high, claim the future for himself and not leave it to his enemy. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer 2. America`s folk heroes were rarely its great thinkers, let alone its scientists. The success of the TV show „Big Bang Theory”, which seems to lie to this claim, is rather the exception that confirms the rule. – Seth Shostak 3. Given the magnitude of the trauma caused by the genocide, Rwanda stressed that a hero always appears, however slim a community`s hope may be. Although no one dares to claim that it is now a perfect state and that no further work is needed, Rwanda is rising from the ashes as a model of truth and reconciliation. – Wole Soyinka 1.

Name, singular or mass And remember that unfortunately your insurance increases every time you have to make a claim. 2. Verb, basic form Anyone can steal them and claim them as their own. Verb. [`ˈkleɪm`] assert a legal claim or assert a legal claim, for example on debts. Verb. affirm or strongly affirm [`ˈkleɪm`]; The state must be true or to exist. Verb.

[`ˈkleɪm`] as due or property; to assert its right or claim. Name. [`ˈkleɪm`] requires something like legal or due.