Goldman Sachs Vice President Legal Salary

Corporate Real Estate Legal (CREL) manages all legal risks associated with the company`s global portfolio of 14 million square feet of properties owned, developed and leased and used in 35 countries. Global Investment Research Legal provides legal, regulatory and reputational advice to our Global Investment Research division. The Litigation and Regulatory Proceedings group oversees and administers litigation, arbitration, regulatory and prosecution proceedings, and other litigation involving Goldman Sachs, its affiliates or their employees; conducts internal investigations into matters affecting all areas of the business; and advises the firm`s firms on legal and regulatory risks in general. Global Bank Regulatory Legal assists the firm globally from a U.S. banking regulatory perspective and oversees day-to-day legal matters related to Goldman Sachs Bank USA. The Business Intelligence group provides research and due diligence services focused on legal, regulatory, financial and reputational risks to firms and committees worldwide. Add your salary anonymously in less than 60 seconds and explore all the data. For our experienced staff, we generally do not hire law schools directly, but lawyers who have experience in private practice. Our Corporate Legal Services (LBS) professionals/paralegals are recruited by experienced paralegals and we hire experienced assistants. Consumer and Investment Management provides legal, regulatory, reputation and transaction advice to our Digital Finance, Private Wealth Management and Goldman Sachs Asset Management teams.

Goldman Sachs Attorney/Vice President salary is the full-time annual starting salary. The salary ranges for interns, contractors and hours differ from those for exempt regular employees. Compensation depends on work experience, location, bonuses, performance and other factors. The Employment Law Group provides legal advice and advice to the firm; ensures compliance with regulatory requirements for employees; develops internal policies; organizes training; and supports initiatives that impact the company`s employee and temporary worker populations. Browse other companies in the financial services industry We hire analysts, corporate legal services (LBS) professionals/paralegals and assistants. Our analyst program welcomes individuals with diverse academic backgrounds and personal interests. Ideally, you should be interested in legal issues and the interaction of finance and law, but a background in law and/or finance is not a requirement. The legal division of Investment Banking provides legal, regulatory, reputation and transaction advice to our investment banking business and also supports certain other key investment groups across the firm. The Legal Property Management division advises and assists the firm`s property management division and several investment divisions in the acquisition, financing, asset management and disposal of a wide range of real estate-related investments. Finance and Corporate Governance The legal department oversees the corporate governance affairs of the company; monitors organizational reputational risk management practices and the internal structure of works councils; and provides legal support to the Office of Government Affairs and the company`s charitable and engagement initiatives.

The team also provides legal assistance to The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. in connection with regulatory affairs and disclosures, as well as corporate, treasury, real estate, affiliate governance and other related matters worldwide. The General Counsel reviews changes to legislation and regulations and advises management on any impact on the Corporation. Plans and directs all aspects of an organization`s legal affairs and ensures that all business policies and activities are managed properly and in accordance with applicable laws. As General Counsel, he leads the organization`s defense in lawsuits and lawsuits on behalf of the organization against others. Provide advice and guidance to management on transactions and business initiatives. In addition, the Advocate General ensures that all communications, contracts, documents, filings and press releases of the company are subject to legal review. May engage and coordinate outside counsel in certain matters.

Requires a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school and may require admission to a state bar association. Usually reports to the CEO. Responsible for developing the functional strategy or business unit for the entire organization. Defines the vision and strategy of the company determines the direction and direction of the company. Executes multiple impactful initiatives to achieve overall business objectives. (Copyright 2022 Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. pays its employees an average of $89,339 per year. Salaries at The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. average between $54,915 and $152,137 per year. Employees of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., with the title of Vice President (VP), Engineering, earn the most with an average annual salary of $155,739, while employees with the Compliance Analyst designation earn the least with an average annual salary of $54,753.

The advice we provide to all areas of the business is critical to maintaining our commitments to our clients, regulators and shareholders, and to promoting our culture of excellence and integrity. Our goal is to provide legal advice that protects the financial well-being and reputation of the company and helps our various companies assess the risks associated with entering into transactions and other activities. Securities Legal provides legal, regulatory, reputational and trading advice to our derivatives, equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodity, prime services and securities finance businesses within the Securities Division. Investment Banking Division Legal supports the Investment Banking division by providing legal, policy, reputational and commercial advice as well as transactional expertise in all aspects of investment banking activities to protect the firm and ensure high quality and value-added transaction execution. Technology, Intellectual Property and Contracts provides strategic leadership, advice and contract execution to internal clients in the outsourcing of large, complex technologies and business processes. Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA) – Dillingham, AK We founded Goldman Sachs University to help our employees develop professionally – from guidance and integration into the company to continuous development throughout their careers. Compare job satisfaction, stress and gender at The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. with similar employers We value a culture of training in which our junior team members learn by working closely with experienced professionals. We believe this is critical to developing the next generation of Goldman Sachs leaders. It`s FREE. Based on your feedback and our analysis.

How can we do that? Q&A with Vanya Kasanof, a notable veteran executive at Crain`s Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. employees earn pension benefits. To ensure a reliable income stream later in life, many workers rely on employer-funded pension plans. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. offers defined offers. Read more From continuous feedback to various talent programs, we strive to empower our employees to drive their own development and broaden their horizons.