Favourite Movie Legally Blonde

Hi Abby, I really enjoyed reading your message. I liked your analysis of the film and the messages it contained. It`s been a long time since I saw the film, and because I was very young, I never considered the important lessons it had. After reading your message, I am delighted to see this film again as a young adult and to really understand the themes and lessons it contains. 600px wide Hi Abby! Legal Blonde was my first step into musical theatre and it holds a special place in my heart, so reading it was a fun return when I first saw the film after seeing the musical. I love this blog concept to find out why movies are our favorites, and seeing Elle Woods being a strong female role that influenced you is really inspiring. It is certainly a positive film and one that brings out women`s empowerment! I`m curious to see what other movies you use! Until then, I`ll review the movie and remember that post! As a little girl whose favorite color was pink and wore dressy heels 24/7, this movie was a dream. I saw a strong, radiant (literally enlightened) woman achieve her goals in Washington D.C., armed with kindness and sets for every situation. I loved the film for its humor and fun, but it wasn`t until I got a little bit older that I realized how much more there is in this character. As if we hadn`t included this movie in the list! The closet of Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) has been the envy of many since 1995 – including Elle Woods, I`m sure. But just like Elle, her social skills prevail and are her advantage when she installs two of her high school teachers and gives new student Tai (Brittany Murphy) a fabulous makeover. In summary, the character of Elle Woods in the film grows and matures, going from a pretty blonde happy to play a stereotype to a strong and capable young woman, but not at the cost of changing what made us love her in the first place.

She succeeds on her own terms: she uses her extensive knowledge of fashion and beauty to win the case, something none of the other lawyers could have done. It doesn`t hurt that she is perfectly played by the radiant Reese Witherspoon, who should have been nominated for the role of best actress. The supporting actors are all great, starring Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson and Selma Blair. The direction is capable, if not inspired, but the script is so strong from beginning to end that the film does not suffer. The story is super solid, it`s incredibly funny and entertaining, and sends a great message: that you can succeed on your own terms and that you don`t have to change who you are to do it. Furthermore, that women should support each other and help each other succeed. Kind! Legally blond is also in my favorite movies! I love what you wrote, hahaha Besides my love for Reese Witherspoon, „Legally Blonde” remains a classic. I have both movies on DVD, but today, during my hour on the bike at the gym, I decided I had to watch it. When I saw the first film, I could see where his determined „legal mind” began. After a devastating breakup with her college boyfriend because she wasn`t „serious,” she set a goal to study law at Harvard.

And she did. Her parents also told her she wasn`t serious! But why? We have blonde beasts at the underrated 1997 gem Romy and Michele`s High School Reunion. With their ten-year class reunion suddenly and without much „success” over the past decade, what should Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele (Lisa Kudrow) do? They are sure to once again face the clique of their own nasty high school girls – a trio of hybrids Vivien Kenzington / Regina George – and Romy and Michele refuse to be humiliated during their reunion. So the solution is simple. Tell everyone you invented Post-Its. It should work, right? She is abandoned by her boyfriend, whom she assumes he would propose to him. He tells her that he needs someone more „serious.” What does She do? She works hard and comes to Harvard Law School! She doesn`t have it easy when she leaves, but she decides to show everyone that she`s not just a stupid blonde like everyone thinks she is. Well, I should note that I haven`t started seeing the first iconic movie.

Due to some moments that were a little too risky for a three-year-old, I was introduced to Elle for the first time in Legal Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde instead. The film is about a girl named Elle Woods who attends the University of Los Angeles and is part of a sorority. And oh, their signature color you`ll soon discover is pink. This 2000 film pairs Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union in a world of competitive cheerleading where rivalries between neighboring high schools and local competitions are ruthless. Where Legally Blonde proves there`s more to Her than blonde hair and pink accessories, Bring It On shows us that there`s more to these California cheerleaders than jazz hands and stolen routines. And the rest, you need to monitor for yourself! I didn`t give too much, so there`s still a lot to see! One of the famous lines in the film is when she sees her ex-boyfriend at Harvard after he walks in, and he says, „Did you get to Harvard Law?” and she replies very factually, „How hard it is?” „Legally Blonde” is, of course, an iconic film. But his positive themes make him so special, memorable and influential for our perspectives as moviegoers. The character of Elle Woods is established before we even see her on screen (apart from her blonde hair, which is a replacement, but whatever). We see a large, glittering letter delivered to her on a busy university campus, in front of Frat houses and sisters who all sign it to show that she is Delta Nu`s best dog. Without seeing her, we see her putting a lot of care into her makeup routine, anticipating the care she puts into LSAT studies and defending the character of Ali Larter.

She`s also a homecoming queen, so we know she`s very successful socially. When we finally see Elle, we know that she is pretty, that she has everything, and that her boyfriend Warner (probably) proposes to him tonight. This film is reminiscent of the moment when Elle and Vivian end up becoming best friends and eliminating the undeserved Warner. In this film, three girls from three different cliques at school realize that they are all dating the same guy, John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe), and plan to take revenge to get him back. Legal Blonde follows Elle`s journey from the California nurses` home to Harvard Law School, where she immediately stands out as Malibu Barbie in a sea of Plaid.