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Whether your legal problem is simple or complex, you can count on effective legal representation that puts your goals and needs first. We offer: We serve individuals and families in Westmoreland County and throughout Pennsylvania. We know how difficult this process is – our goal is to provide thoughtful and compassionate legal advice. We offer a full range of family law services, including: At Family Legal Center, LLC, attorney Laura Cohen has over 25 years of experience providing personal legal services to individuals and families in Greater Monroeville, Westmoreland County, Allegheny County and throughout Pennsylvania. She understands the sensitive nature of estate administration and works hard to find a solution that addresses your concerns. It focuses on helping your family at such a critical time. Mr. Cohen`s goal is to make the whole process as easy as possible for you and your family. He wants to eliminate the uncertainty that can arise after such a loss. She will distribute your loved one`s wealth according to their last wishes. In the event of a conflict, Laura is an experienced litigator ready to take your case to court. She works with individuals and families in cases of alleged undue influence, executor fraud, fiduciary fraud or forgery. In all areas of our practice, our goal is to resolve your legal issue as quickly and quickly as possible and to provide you with a solution that meets your current and future needs.

We always strive for a fair and out-of-court settlement of the facts. However, sometimes the other party refuses to be reasonable. In these cases, you can count on us to defend your interests in court, where we have an impressive track record. Often, parents and individuals need additional information about a situation before taking legal action. The America Family Law Center can help to better understand many topics, including: When family issues turn into legal issues, it`s important to seek experienced legal advice from a lawyer who knows the law and takes care of you and your children. If you are facing a divorce or family law issue, please contact attorney Amey F. Cardullo and the Family Law Center, LLC. Our attorneys understand the legal needs of individuals and families in Newport County and throughout the state. We can guide you through the challenges you face with strength, knowledge, compassion and respect. Amey F. Cardullo has decades of legal experience, including more than 10 years of experience at Rhode Island Legal Services.

The America Family Law Center is dedicated to helping low-income and underserved people in family law in Texas. This includes help with various issues such as custody, divorce and parental rights. Some of the areas of family law where the organization can help are: In addition to family law issues, we also represent clients in the following areas: America Family Law Center is committed to providing family law assistance and support to people who need help in resolving various family situations. Many situations concern family law and parental rights. The organization focuses mainly on children and their relationships with their parents. Understanding how to manage divorce, custody, child visits, child support and parental rights can be overwhelming. We`re here to help. Our lawyers at family legal center, LLC in Monroeville are dedicated to providing quality legal services with a touch of compassion. For 20 years, our law firm has been helping individuals resolve their estate, estate and estate planning disputes. You can trust us to manage all aspects of your case so you can focus on the future. Our company truly cares about helping you and your loved ones solve your estate planning, estate planning and estate planning problems. We understand the complexity of these disputes and can help you every step of the way.

We have extensive experience in assisting with a variety of estate and estate planning matters, including: At Family Legal Center, LLC, attorney Laura Cohen understands how difficult it can be to lose a loved one. She is here to guide you through the homologation process. Helping clients throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Its mission is rooted in the belief that children should have a romantic relationship with both parents. Romantic relationships between children and parents can continue after a divorce or separation. If children are raised safely and lovingly by both parents, our society and communities will be better off. More than two decades of experience in Pennsylvania estate administration It`s not easy to lose a loved one. You want to be able to focus on your grief, and it may take some time to get used to the new normal. If you have other issues to deal with after the loss, such as estate management, it can be difficult to find the time it takes you to deal with such a significant change. You will be able to talk to a lawyer who understands exactly what you are going through and can answer any questions you have about your situation.

Contact Family Legal Center, LLC online to learn more about the law firm. Call 412-843-0957 or toll-free at 877-855-1067 to schedule a consultation. Family Legal Center, LLC is an estate law firm where no problem is too small and no case is too big. Attorney Cohen can help executors open bank accounts, facilitate accounting, distribute assets to beneficiaries, and manage and direct the filing of appropriate state and federal tax forms and returns. We`re here to help. Call today to find the help you need. She understands that not everyone has an estate plan. If your loved one died without a will or trust, Laura can help you administer the estate in accordance with Pennsylvania`s intestate estate laws. If you are located outside of Pennsylvania but your loved one has lived in the state, Attorney Cohen can serve as a representative in dealing with any issues and obligations you may have under state law. Founding attorney Laura Cohen strives to find the best solution for you. She is an experienced litigator who will work hard to find a positive outcome – through litigation, collaboration or mediation – based on your best interests and needs.