Legal Internship Winter

This internship was identified as a completely distant opportunity. This article provides a general, but not exhaustive, list of possibilities. A monthly scholarship is available to any intern who is eligible to receive it under the rules of their jurisdiction and educational institution. The core scholarship is CHF 2`660/month for full-time interns based in Geneva. For part-time internships that are not full-time, the scholarship is prorated based on the intern`s approximate time with CIEL. The scholarships are intended to make the CIEL internship more accessible to aspiring professionals and are not intended to create a legal or employment relationship between the intern and CIEL or otherwise alter the legal nature of the internship program. Proven ability to conduct complex legal analysis and establish facts. This internship was identified as a completely distant opportunity. Our Legal Internship Program provides law students with a unique opportunity to develop skills in the field of international environmental law and apply legal strategies to protect human rights and the environment. Internships learn and are supervised by a diverse team of experts and lawyers, providing insight into innovative developments in international environmental law and human rights by refining thoughtful and creative research and analysis. The offering of this internship is central to CIEL`s mission to develop the next generation of environmental leaders and advocates through hands-on education and practice. This internship was identified as a completely distant opportunity.

Monitor election developments that impact criminal justice reform across the country. For summer internships, our office usually limits articling to those who have completed their second year at law school, if they have. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) is a dynamic non-profit organization that works at the intersection of human rights and the environment. CIEL is comprised of lawyers, activists, researchers and communicators who have extensive experience in leading international strategies to promote everyone`s right to a healthy environment. Many of our areas of activity focus on innovative developments in the field of international environmental law and human rights, as well as in their direct connection with other areas of international law, such as international investment law or international trade law. Draft legal memoranda and possibly pleadings and other legal documents. The ability to analyze complex legal issues. THE AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION IS FOUNDED. Summer internships are usually full-time for ten weeks and do not require a school loan.

The internship in the fall of 2022 will be a combination of face-to-face and. Previous co-op or internship experience is preferred. If you`re brave, tireless, collaborative, and obsessed with learning, an internship at Moderna will help. The duties of an articling student may include research and writing in areas of domestic and international law, including environmental and human rights law, international investment law, and international trade law and policy; support for policy analysis and advocacy; participation in meetings and conferences; Assistance in the preparation of CIEL publications, legal opinions and legal briefs; Support for the preparation of amicus curiae before international tribunals and other close cooperation with CIEL staff on various projects. Successful applicants generally have excellent research and writing skills and a strong commitment to public interest law. Are a solid writer with effective legal research skills. Analyze and respond to business concerns in real time with constructive and effective legal support. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact