Etsy Legal Help

I`ve been selling on etsy for about a few months. My recent frustration was with Etsy`s business practices of setting aside funds for a seller WITHOUT any consent from the actual seller. I sold my product fairly and bluntly, and I should receive my payment without reservation or restriction. If Etsy expects sellers to be on time, they should do the same during checkout. A recent order from me was shipped to Canada with tracking details. My client informed me that she had received the order. However, I can`t get payment money on etsy because etsy claims my order isn`t tracked, which means they don`t know if the item was delivered through their system. According to etsy, I have 45 days until I can see the payment for the order or until I offer tracking. Why is this fair? While trying to manually inform etsy that the order was complete and the customer had received the product, I couldn`t find a single contact form. They lie again and again about several forms of contact via CHAT, email, 24/7 SUPPORT, for which there is none! There is an email form and good luck with the answer. They will wait weeks just to give you a copy and paste answer directly from their written help forums. No real person to help solve the situation or problem. There`s a hotline of hotlines buzzing around the internet that isn`t visible on Etsy`s website, but even that number has been taken offline as soon as you try to call! Etsy has made it IMPOSSIBLE for any seller or buyer to get the help they need.

They have NO customer service at this point and are always finding new ways to use their sellers with escalating fees and reserve payments due to sellers for legal order fulfillment. UNFAIR and UNFAIR for Etsy`s size. I have screenshot evidence to support Etsy`s misleading claims about their lackluster help center. Hello, I started a business with Etsy, I`m in 2020. In 2021, I had a huge increase in sales because my product got to the first page because of my SEO skills and of course the product. I was getting about 20 orders a day and I kept track and even hired a staff member to help me. My sales came out of nowhere and a day later I received an automated email stating that my account had been suspended and hidden from research until I „caught up”. After 2 email exchanges with Etsy, they announced that they would suspend my account and that as soon as I was caught, they would put my shop back in search.

I caught up and they put my store back in place, but my sales dropped significantly. I contacted them again to see what had happened. After they told me it was because I needed to boost my ads and pay them more, I realized that the sales were due to the fact that my only product had reached the first page. They agreed, but advised me to „go up”. After going back and forth with them, they told me they wouldn`t answer me anymore and offered no remorse or help to get back to where I was before closing my store and causing the loss of thousands of dollars in sales. I earned over $9,000 in June 2021 and haven`t recovered since. It was my only source of income and my full-time business at the time. Recently, I contacted them and they told me they would ask a supervisor to come back with me.

Instead, I received a ready-made email and they deny me access to management. I am preparing to send them a claim and I already have experience with pre-arbitration negotiations, but I have found you all and I would like to know if this is something you would like to adopt. So I`m not sure you can help in Oklahoma, but I`d love to talk. Regards, Amber Hello, I have several complaints against Etsy, the first is about them refusing to help me with the .csv file regarding my products listed on the site. The store is locked, so I can`t download the full data they store. The store was blocked after I received several reports of injuries, which I unfortunately saw too late. I contacted the complaining parties because I am trying to recover the account. One of them has already contacted them with a payment (which I also received). Etsy has not canceled the report, after more than 10 days, it is still on the site. I understand that Etsy doesn`t really review these reports, as I have few items flagged for the use of the „Bulgari” trademark, while the word is not mentioned anywhere in my ads, there are many items similar to those that are still available on the platform. I have sent several messages to the complainant to understand what triggered the claim, but so far no response. I am not sure she can ask you for advice on that.

Another thing: I had 2 open suitcases, one for a pair of big huge tires, brass, which came to the customer a little misaligned. I explained several times that they are made of brass and very, very easy to adjust manually, which the customer managed to do because she refused to return them when I asked to be returned to be eligible for a refund.