Bristol County Legal Aid

Massachusetts Legal Resource Finder gives you recommendations for free, low-cost programs in legal counseling organizations, nonprofits, courts, and self-help materials. Provides free legal advice to asylum seekers and promotes the rights of detained immigrants. These sites are a joint effort of the Massachusetts civil legal aid community and are funded by MLAC. MassLegalHelp is managed by lawyers from the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute; Mass Legal Answers Online is managed by MLRI through the Boston Bar Association`s Volunteer Lawyers project and is part of the National American Bar Association Free Legal Answers Project. MLAC funds organizations that help people solve civil (non-criminal) legal problems. If you require assistance with a criminal matter, contact the Public Counsel Committee at 617-482-6212. You may be eligible for civil legal aid if your annual income is equal to or less than 125% of the federal poverty line. In Massachusetts, it`s currently $34,688 a year for a family of four. There are different criteria for seniors and victims of crime. COVID-19 UPDATE: No walk-in admission due to COVID-19. Please see for FREE in-person, online and hybrid legal workshops (your choice of in-person or virtual training) presented by our lawyers.

While the LASP offices are closed to the public, we continue to assist new and existing clients. Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) is a lawyer who represents or supports only part of a legal case. Volunteer lawyers, paralegals and law students, led by lawyers, strive to give residents of the greater Boston area equal access to representation. The mission of Veterans Legal Services is to promote the self-sufficiency, stability and financial security of homeless and low-income Veterans through free and accessible legal services. Boston-based law firm Nutter has joined sccls` pro bono panel in response to the COVID-19 deportation crisis in Massachusetts. As part of the COVID Eviction Legal Aid project, Nutter has donated hundreds of hours of pro bono legal representation to this project and continues to work with SCCLS clients to keep families at home. MLAC does not provide legal advice or representation. If you need help with a legal problem in Massachusetts, there are several ways to find it. Below you will find information at: This page contains a list of lawyer referral services, free legal resources and legal aid agencies available to Bristol County residents. This information is provided as a public service and does not constitute legal advice that can only be provided by a lawyer. This page refers to information at the time of publication and is subject to change without notice.

Massachusetts Legal Answers Online is a free service that allows you to ask a question to a volunteer lawyer on the Internet. This is a good option if you have one or two legal questions. Staff at court service centres can provide legal information, but not legal advice. Legal information includes answering questions about how the court works and the different options available to you. However, the staff can`t help you decide what to do, and they can`t predict what will happen in your case. The staff of the Judicial Service Centre can provide information to all parties to a case and should not be considered your lawyer. FREE legal clinics and workshops are presented by LASP lawyers. Please check for upcoming events. Provides free legal advice to victims of sexual assault with legal issues in the areas of privacy, security, housing, education, employment, immigration, LGBTQ issues, criminal justice, and financial stability. Contact information for community resources, legal aid programs and social services. In addition to regional legal aid organizations, the MLAC funds legal aid organizations that specialize in a particular issue or type of law, including education, immigration, prisoners` rights, disability rights, consumer rights, etc.

For more information about these MLAC-funded legal aid organizations, as well as other non-profit organizations, government agencies, and court programs that can help you resolve your legal issue, check out the Legal Resource Finder. The Lawyer of the Day program aims to provide free legal assistance to those in need. These pro bono lawyers can help fill out forms and explain basic court procedures. A list of dates and locations can be found on the homepage. Free legal representation for low-income people The COVID-19 section of MassLegalHelp contains comprehensive information about your legal rights in areas such as housing, benefits, discrimination, healthcare, etc.