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States, reported by ALM Business by journalists and legal researchers. The first part of the list, The Am Law 100, was published in the May 2019 issue of The American Lawyer. The second hundred presented in this issue are made up of companies ranked 101-200th according to their gross revenues. Most law firms voluntarily make their finances available for this purpose. Am Law 200 Firm The American Lawyer 5.20.21 For the seventh consecutive year, Shutts & Bowen LLP has been included in The American Lawyer`s Am Law 200, a ranking that ranks law firms by income, profit per partner and number of lawyers. Shutts came in at number 159 on the Am Law 200 2021 list, gaining two places from the previous year. Abigail SchoenradeCommunications The Am Law 100, a ranking of the 100 most profitable law firms in the United States, is reported annually by journalists and researchers at ALM Business of Law. The Second Hundred, a list of 101-200 firms based on gross sales, is published in the June 2017 issue of The American Lawyer. Together, the two rankings form The Am Law 200. Holistic thinking The a-List Around iT onTo The a-LisT, law firms consider the fuLL scope of FinanciaL and cuLTuraL heaLTh.

By Samantha StokeS August 2019 Methodology: List A recognizes companies based on a combination of financial and cultural factors: revenue per lawyer, pro bono engagement, employee satisfaction, racial diversity, and gender diversity (the Law 200 list with $101 million in revenue). But co-founder Kim told The American Lawyer earlier this year that growth wasn`t something his firm was actively pursuing. The 27-partner company reported a profit of $1.93 million per partner in 2016. Kim, who divides his time between Seoul and New York, was closely involved in opening the Shanghai office. received filings from 53 law firms in the Am Law 200 (American Lawyer`s list of the best U.S. law firms) or most of the 50 largest U.S. law firms. The research team reviewed 272 submissions and surveyed more than 300 clients and lawyers looking for exceptional innovations. „E v ery ino at bu sh tob efcus dnhw delivers yesterday`s solution. Basis of the ranking.

For more information about List A, see and august 2018 issue of The American Lawyer. u 2 • ZGuide The Am 200 Law The Am 200 Law is reported by ALM journalists and legal researchers. Most law firms voluntarily provide their financial data for this report, but The American Lawyer`s full list aims to assess The Am Law 200`s commitment to pro bono and to evaluate companies using a measure based on the average number of pro bono hours worked by each of their lawyers and the percentage of lawyers in the firm. who spent at least 20 hours on pro bono issues in 2016. The rank pro bono domestic – ◆ The 2022 Am Law Elites: RPL, profits and value per lawyer List of management consulting firms – 200+ to promote [2021] The traditional method of recruitment by matching professional skills to recovery balls is no longer an effective solution. At TruPath, we take a high-end approach to talent search, going beyond The American Lawyer, which rates the Am Law 200 based on its pro bono score for the work of U.S. lawyers. Half of the score comes from the average number of pro bono hours per lawyer in 2021; The other half represents the percentage of lawyers who completed more than 20 hours of volunteer work in 2021. > The AmLaw 100 recorded a 6.6% increase in sales.

Revenue per lawyer increased by almost 5% and earnings per partner increased by 13.4%. > The Second 100 recorded a 1.1% increase in sales. Revenue per lawyer increased by 3% and profit per partner by 8.8%. MINNESOTA > Nineteen of these companies have an LPR of more than $600,000 (up from 16 two years ago). Stinson LLP is pleased to announce that The American Lawyer ranks the firm 52nd on its 2022 pro bono dashboard, a national pro bono ranking of the 200 most profitable law firms in the country with a total pro bono score of 49.9. 112 212 200 5 Aviation, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Corporate Law, International Law, Wood StephenForte 1893 12 Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers LLP swiftcurrie.com15 1355 Peachtree St. N.E., # 300 Atlanta, GA30309 404-874-8800 102 218 104 2 General Civil Litigation, Workers` Compensation, Property and Coverage, Product Liability, Only 20 Companies List A, the top 10% of The Am Law 200, calculated according to a formula we describe below. As with any ranking exercise, this one is imperfect. This is not a list of those who have the most competent lawyers – although many of the country`s best practices can be found in leading law firms. Nor should it be a guide to who to call. the A-List formula: a female equity score.

Like other A-List indicators, it measures the relative performance of companies: We rank Am Law 200 companies based on their percentage of female associates and base their score in this category on this ranking. Frequent readers of A List will remember the company Amanda BowlingDirector of „Pro bono is a core value of our business and our pro bono work gives us the opportunity to share our time and talent with the neediest in our communities,” said Allison Murdock, Managing Partner of Stinson. „I am grateful for the generous donation of time and dedication our lawyers have given to pro bono in 2021, and as a law firm, we look forward to continuing to meet the legal needs of our communities and pro bono clients.” Last year, Stinson`s lawyers gave an average of 47 hours to pro bono legal work, with nearly 53 percent of lawyers giving at least 20 hours to pro bono work. But the pressure continues to grow as large companies plunder the Second Hundred talent base and it becomes increasingly difficult to find a path to profitable growth. In the Am Law 200 2022 report, we look at how companies have achieved an exceptional year and where they then go into a turbulent environment. 200 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 1500 954-764-4996 Fort Lauderdale 33301 54 30 4 43 7 1 27 2 150 WND WND Litigation, Financial Recovery, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning Michael Krul, Carl Schuster (A) 22 20 Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske PL 954-463-4242 200 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 1900 954-764-7770 Despite the increasing pressure faced by businesses, our annual Am Law 200 report shows that in many ways, 2021 was the best year for these companies in a long time. Revenue increased by 9.1% and profit per partner increased by almost 12% in the second hundred. And after years of different results in the industry, almost everyone at this point had fun. Is Bill 200-in-the-middle stuck? • Similar and challenging work like Am Law 100, but does not have the same resources for talent or investment.