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Phone: 0333 443 9889E-Mail: enquiries@quantalaw.co.uk You may want to discover a firm with an established and proven reputation on ReviewSolicitors We act on behalf of our clients in various types of financial mis-selling. In 2020 alone, we recovered over £5 million. Quanta Law Professional is an Investment Advisor based in Toronto, Canada. The firm provides expertise in a wide range of corporate, commercial, securities and regulatory advice and provides advisory support in the areas of dealer, dealer, fund manager and investment advisor regulation; product development and sales; Operations and compliance; Trading Documentation Trading (ISDA) and Integration with Counterparties and Taxonomy and Treatment of Digital Assets. The company`s assets are managed by management. Quanta Law focuses on access to justice for all. This modern approach to law sets Quanta Law apart from many law firms and once again strengthens our client service, which is so important to us. After 4 years of processing my application just before Christmas 2021, they said they would not proceed because my case was not qualified. Before I say that, I am waiting for their funding. I cancelled and complained. Today, I get an email saying they are going ahead with my claim and asking for bank statements, house bills, etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A TRUE CLAIMS COMPANY. A truly shocking law firm that in my opinion can simply be trustworthy.

Horrible customer service. They contact you first and tell you that they will investigate your claim, but they will never respond. Your favorite strategy right now is to simply reply with an automated „I`m out of the office by xxxx”. I now had three in a row (really Jodi Booth. You`ve had so many vacations!) They left me no choice but to file formal complaints with the Financial Ombudsman and the Law Society. Shocking that I have to take such strong measures. Next invoices issued before December 30, 2021, due before December 30, 2022 Quanta Law practices in both commercial and human rights law and has years of experience in some of the most complex areas of law. At Quanta Law, we pride ourselves on being able to resolve commercial and personal disputes. This means that we can successfully deliver for our customers, whatever their needs. Poor service, bad excuses and waste of time. Do not submit documents or sign anything with this organization. Stay away from a serious warning.

We strive not only to have the most experienced experts in-house, but also to facilitate access to the best legal remedies and insurance. Quanta Law specializes in financial misselling. Our employees have years of experience helping clients recover a range of financial products. If you feel that you have lost financially due to poor or negligent advice, or if you feel that the product sold to you was not the most appropriate on the market, Quanta Law can help. We have recovered millions for our clients and brought them back to the financial situation they would have been in without the bad advice. This is an overview of the profile of the PitchBook platform. Insurance fraud??. They will tell you that you definitely have a claim and then use your data to create a claim against a company/lender, and then they will take out insurance against the claim on the basis that you may not win the case and they need to be insured against the „billable work hours lost on your claim”, Ha ha ha. And that`s it, you won`t win anything against your mortgage company and they are likely to claim insurance for the „billable hours” they submitted to your „claims account”. Works perfectly for them because it didn`t cost you anything except the time spent chasing them so no one can make a claim against them, they can just keep you as long as it takes you to give up.

Eventually, you give up contacting them and they have probably already received payment from the insurance company that took out the policy against the loss. You have a connection to another company, Quanta Law, based in Manchester, which is the „legal team” that will take over your case. Then you have the mortgage.claims website, which is a trade name of Quanta Law Ltd., which also has terrible reviews. Trusted Mortgages appears to be a trading name of Elite Chambers Ltd (turnover submitted for 2019 £61,077 and personnel costs of around £28,000, suggesting that there are not the gangs of people working on your behalf as they would have you believe), also based in Manchester, run by a criminal lawyer. Michael Levy, who specializes in defending individuals and businesses accused of fraud and serious crimes. My advice would be to stay away, although this does not directly harm members of the public financially, it is likely to be insurance fraud and therefore indirectly affects the public through excessive premiums due to excessive claims etc. All of the above information is freely available by searching for companies, etc. to formulate your own opinion. I would also advise people to send a formal access request (SAR) to Trusted Mortgages and Quanta Law if you have already signed the terms and conditions they sent you to confirm that they have actively used your personal information.

In this, they should have copies of the correspondence they should have sent to your mortgage company to make a claim against your lender. You can compare this to your lender to see if Quanta Law has filed a claim on your behalf. You can then report suspected insurance fraud to the Government Insurance Task Force or to the ABI or the Insurance Fraud Bureau. And remember. If it sounds too good to be true….. Unfortunately, Quanta Law Limited does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as quickly as possible, one of our employees may recommend another highly rated law firm to accept new clients and forward your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. We strive not only to have the most experienced experts in-house, but also to facilitate access to the best legal remedies and insurance. This helps our clients pay for legal fees and expenses, removing any barriers to justice a client had before. Since its inception in 2017, Quanta Law has quickly become a leader in its industry, committed to consumer access to justice.

Provide a platform for justice in financial misselling. Quanta Law is the Quanta Law for resolving disputes relating to mis-selling. We operate in a range of products, from pension transfers, contract disputes and mortgage mis-selling to prohibitive short-term loans. If you`d like to tell us about something you can`t find on our website, give us a call and speak to one of our phone teams to see if we can help. Verification can help real people write reviews about real businesses. Provide a platform for justice in financial misselling. Quanta Law draws on years of experience and technical know-how that allow us to specialize in resolving complex disputes. Reputation is important to us, we accept all forms of feedback from our customers to constantly improve our customers` experience and processes. We ensure that our services are accessible to anyone in the UK, regardless of their financial situation.