What Are the Three Requirements of a Proper Oath

Most states require notaries to take an oath. In this oath, you promise to obey the laws of your state and faithfully fulfill the duties of a notary. During the act, you can ask the bearer of the oath or affirmative person to raise their right hand in a gesture of pledge. During the taking of the oath, the bearer of the oath may place his right hand on his heart. Please note that the requirements for notarization of an oath vary from state to state. The NAA strongly recommends that you review your state`s rules and regulations. You must always respect the notarial laws of your state. Many states have merged oaths and assurances to simplify this notarial act. The revised notarial office is simply called an oath. The wording of the oath may omit the word God or use the word affirm instead of swearing.

The oaths and assurances you take as a notary must comply with the laws of your state. Both legal acts are legally binding.