What Are the 5 Cardinal Rules of Arnis

History, rules and regulations of Arnis. 1. Arnis 2. A r n i s 3. It is also known as: ● Kali ● Eskrima 4. Arnis The Art of Batting 5. Competencies Advanced Distinctive Disarmament 6. The main weapon is the rattan stick, called a stick or baston (stick), which varies in size but is usually about 28 inches (71 cm) long. 7. In addition to these cardinal principles, there are other principles in Arnis that students should remember: character, sincerity, discipline, self-control, etiquette, and loyalty to the teacher. CHARACTER – a violent person has no place in Arnis. Refinement of character is important. A student must learn the moral (and religious) values of everything.

It is the duty of Arnis` teacher to shape the character of the student so that his behavioral structure is motivated by righteous desire. It`s what a man matters, not how many trophies he`s won. Despite the privileged mistakes of today`s world values, in the end, it will matter who you are. How important are the rules for the appreciation of Arnis as a martial art? How important are the rules for the appreciation of Arnis as a martial art? No blows, kicks or withdrawals allowed – no contact with the back. The organization of the Arnisstock fight is continuous. SINCERITY – Sincerity in the name of victory is not the all-consuming end of an Arnis player. It is the sincerity in him towards his fellows and his art that makes him shine in the ranks of people. The will to win can be instilled, but such paternalism should never stop after the last-second ticking of the game, but beyond the screens and the arena of competition. The martial art of Arnis, it must be remembered, is a good way to develop man`s sense of devotion in all his daily efforts and commitment. Sincerity is the mother of trust and trust makes an institution of what has been shaken by doubt. A man who is not sincere will never have a true friend. The most important part of the program is conveying expectations.

As with any job, position, activity, or location, you need to know what is expected of this environment to be successful. If students know what is expected of each class and/or school zone because it is the same thing, no matter where they go, they will not have a question about how to behave. Directors will merge companies where competitors are scarce. In these cases, directors have the right to adjust the rules of fairness without compromising the main purpose – to show martial arts and reward those who are better able to use their weapon. Fighters are evaluated based on the accumulation of points in all games combined. ETIQUETTE – The label is associated with Arnis` most important cardinal rules. His own standard and standard should never be imposed on others. You have to learn to respect others. Believing that another person`s standard and abilities should or will be better prepared, everyone in any company. The peaceful waters of human understanding will not be disturbed if one observes the practice of proper etiquette and respect, whether in sports competitions or in life itself. What is the significance of the individual qualities of a good Arnis player? For children who do not adhere to the cardinal rules, their teacher has developed a list of consequences.

An office disciplinary dismissal (ODR) is carried out as a final consequence. When an ODR is completed, the student goes directly to the principal and is assigned either incarceration or ISS (suspension at school). This should happen rarely. By nature, man is never violent. Unless otherwise impaired by physical or psychological suffering or forced by external reasons or provocations, no human being will harm another human being (or animal), let alone feast on their physical suffering. Man is an „institution” of love and kindness. However, current trends have turned these martial arts into sports. Although they are taught as defensive and offensive weapons, their concentration is now considered a sport that, like all other healthy sports, is pampered in friendly competitions. These arts have „cardinal rules and principles” that must be observed and followed.

Arnis has his own principles that must be instilled in the student. These principles serve as a guide for day-to-day decision-making. They are the cornerstones of a good leader. They should guide our students on the right path in our civilized society. Each principle helps our students know how to interact positively with others. Easton Martial Arts Center strives to develop good people, not just good martial artists. i-ARNIS / 1 INTERNATIONAL RULES for ARNIS SPORT (2011 Update) i-ARNIS / 2 FOREWORD This guide to competitive RNIS rules and regulations was prepared by Arnis Pederasyong Internasyonal, Inc. (i-ARNIS) for the administration of all Arnis competitions at local, national and international levels.

5. Appropriate language is used at all times with everyone It is sometimes difficult to distinguish right from wrong. There is an exception to every rule, so no law is without loopholes or hollow. You must learn to live by principles, not laws. Respect for the law is important in our society, but it is not the same as being moral and ethical. We often see examples of leaders who are comfortable with the idea that as long as they follow the law, their conscience is clear. We believe that this is not enough. The Easton Martial Arts Center aims to develop leaders who act on principles with compassion and care for others.

2. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking. Gail N. Chapman Elementary School has four expectations that we expect everyone in our school to adhere to. We call these expectations the code of honor. Our goal is to make understanding the honor code as clear and easy as possible. To help you, we have developed five cardinal rules: The two main types of arnis practiced as a sport are the WEKAF (World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation) system, founded in 1989 and internationally recognized; and the Arnis Philippines System (ARPI), founded in 1986, which was widely used during Southeast Asia 2005. DISCIPLINE – Arnis is a creator of discipline.

Good behavior in sport and in life itself will be the measure of success. Self-discipline is important. The kaleidoscopic invitations and temptations of life should never undermine man in his commitment to his art, himself and his fellows. A student should learn to control himself in pursuit of his goal, not only for his art, but also for life in general. SPORTSMANSHIP – Sportsmanship, on the other hand, is the measure of a fighter or a player. The laurels of victory must never be carried with superiority, but with humility. Victory is not a seal of invulnerability, but a reason for magnanimity. However, the story is full of stories about man`s brutality towards his fellow men. Wars have been fought and lives have been put on the battlefield after the battlefield. It is a sad comment on the true nature of man or an irony of his being.

At the last consultation meeting in December 2011 for the Implementing Rules (IRR) of Republic Act No. 9850, also known as the „Act Declaring Arnis as the National Martial Art and Sport in the Philippines”, these are the main points on the content of the draft Arnis Implementing Regulation (IRR). This need forced man to develop art and equipment for combat. From the first caveman to today`s astronauts, combat tools have been manufactured and improved until sophisticated machines and warfare devices become terrible realities.