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It was really a big mistake! Option 1 did nothing for us, except that BOA sued me, Option 1 did not show up on any of the hearing dates, and the end result is that my 20% of my weekly salary will be seized. The first option then told me I`d better negotiate with them myself after taking hundreds of fees!! I don`t know what state you live in, but remember that a lawyer can only provide you with legal advice and representation if it is licensed in your state. Interestingly, the menu options at the top of the site do not mention debt settlement. These are bankruptcy, FDCPA, real estate and consumer litigation. 1. There are no legal RFAs of Option 1. 2. The first customer was served some time after 22/03/18. 3. The Cabinet website can be found www.option1legal.com 5. The answer for #3 speaks for itself. My first option is always to communicate directly with the company and try to resolve disappointments and dissatisfactions with each service received.

Your client agreement appears to give you the option to terminate the agreement, and you will need to contact Option 1 Legal to determine how much they have already withdrawn from your Global Client Solutions account for fees. If you compare that to the income and expenses listed in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, they are not close. The website states that the company is located at 10440 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 300, Columbia, Maryland 21044. This appears to be a virtual desktop address. – Source Ask Legal 1 Legal who is the licensed attorney in your state who represents you, and feel free to discuss your customer service issues with them to see if they can help you resolve issues. Option 1 Legal labeling A scam is a hard fact to say. For example, they may have provided the service actually specified in your written customer agreement to which you consented. As a rule, these agreements contain language that is not binding and cannot be relied upon. Being a full-time caregiver is so stressful.

Many people may not realize how difficult it can be physically and emotionally. I asked where the $6233 was going. Yes, I know they charged a fee, but according to my payment plan, the total bill should have deducted the $6233. The respondent did not negotiate the plaintiffs` debts and instead used the funds for the plaintiff`s advance fees, management fees, and monthly service fees, as shown in Exhibit 2. The plaintiff transferred to the respondent a total of approximately $4,649.19 in monthly instalments from June 2019 to February 2020, based on the respondent`s statements that his contributions would be used to settle and plead to defend his debts. The defendant led the plaintiff to believe that these payments would be used for settlement and litigation to defend his debts. According to a letter providing proof of bankruptcy and demanding repayment of the plaintiff`s money, the defendant used all of his fees except $500.69 and reimbursed him the $500.69 attached as Exhibit 3. Business Alert: In June 2019, consumers began filing complaints alleging misunderstandings about the company`s business model (debt relief versus debt consolidation versus debt settlement). On 18.03.2020, BBB sent an email to the company with the following questions to better understand the business model. It`s not something Option 1 Legal might have in its client agreement that I haven`t seen, but it`s a very common part of many debt relief agreements I`ve reviewed from many companies.

Communicate with and report on the CFPB. Everyone who is registered also needs If so, let`s look at what we can learn about legal Option 1. At the bottom of their website, it says „Option 1 Legal is a law firm.” It also states: „Each of the lawyers on this site are either managers, members, partners, limited partners or human resources lawyers.” Hi William,Thank you very much for your review, we would like to better understand your situation. An escalation agent from our customer experience team will review your program and contact you to discuss your concerns. They negotiated with 2 of the creditors and pay only about $50 a month to settle the dispute. The company claims that the first settlements take place between 7 and 9 months and, to date, I have been in the program for a year, I have paid just over $5,000 and I have not had any settlements on any of my accounts. The BBB currently assigns the Legal and F ratings of Option 1 and complaints seem to be rolling off. As I mentioned earlier, I always like to give the company in question the first chance to resolve its customer service issues before things get out of hand. Since there is a statement from someone who visited the consumer, it seems that they refer to the service as a debt settlement lawyer model where they may charge an upfront fee.

In this case against Option 1 Legal and Gardner Legal, it was alleged: „The Chapter 13 plaintiff case was filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of Tennessee, Columbia Division, on February 28, 2020. Is there a better way to try to get my money back? Is it a loss at this point and would it be better to report the company to the FTC, my attorney general, and the BBB? What do you think is the best course of action? I`ve been calling them for two weeks to try to see who`s working on what, and so far it`s service agents claiming that their „bargaining department” is working for me to reach an agreement. I noticed that the BBB raised some concerns about Option 1 Legal. The BBB says: Option 1 Legal, however, is not a business, but a registered business name in the state of Maryland. – Source Hello Paul,Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, we are sorry to hear about your negative experiences and we will continue to grow and improve as a company.