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If you`re just starting to get help with your legal problems, there are several places to start. To make the most of your time, it may be helpful to start your search with the courts or the Nassau-Suffolk Law Services Committee. Program: Nassau County Assigned Counsel Defender Plan Administrator: Robert M. Nigro Address: 15th and West Street Mineola, NY 11501 Tel: 516-747-8448 Fax: 516-873-8032 Email: The only narrow exceptions to this rule are that we represent any accused person in the District Court for the District of Nassau County after arrest if that person is otherwise without counsel at the time of the indictment. and we have the right to provide basic legal advice and limited representation in certain situations prior to arrest (e.g. if we are contacted by someone who wants to actively stop the police or question them about suspected criminal activity). Call LRIS or email for a bank transfer. Visit the website for a list of areas of law in which LRIS lawyers specialize. Visit our legal aid directory to find legal help, or chat with a LiveHelp representative to help you navigate the site. The Nassau-Suffolk Law Services Committee is another great resource to start with, as it is a large organization. This group provides a wide range of legal services, including direct representation (when a lawyer is assigned to your case), advice and information, self-help materials, and referrals to other support organizations. NSLS covers many areas of law, including landlord-tenants, domestic violence, disability rights, foreclosures, etc.

Visit the NSLS website for more information Clients in need of legal solutions can contact the law firm Della Mura & Ciacci, a local law firm in New York City. Legal representation of your concern is easier than you think. Get help from the law firm of Ruth E. Bernstein in New York, New York today. Long Island is more than iced tea, walks and the characters we inspire on television. It is not the reluctant home of the „bridge and tunnel” crowd: it is a community, and a thriving community to boot. As such, Long Island is home to many organizations and lawyers whose mission is to help our fellow citizens by providing free or low-cost legal services. Whether in Nassau or Suffolk County, there are many resources to help you with your dispute. Here`s a guide on how to get started and how to find the different forms of help available to you. If the court decides that a lawyer should be appointed, a lawyer from our firm or, in some cases, another court-appointed lawyer known as Advocate 18-B will be informed of this assignment and representation may begin. Similar proceedings take place in the Family Court for non-criminal cases.

However, the Legal Aid Society does not represent parties in criminal proceedings involving minors or in PINS (Persons in Need of Supervision) cases. The Legal Services Society (LAS) provides free representation for those accused of crimes in Nassau County Court and Nassau County District Court. The services are for people who cannot afford a lawyer. LAS also represents clients in family law matters relating to child care and custody. You cannot choose LAS: a judge must designate the organization. Visit the website for answers to frequently asked questions. Apart from these two exceptions, all other persons accused of a crime but who cannot afford to pay a private lawyer must first draw the court`s attention to their necessity. The court will then decide on the person`s suitability to be assisted by a lawyer.

Long Island courts have many resources to help litigants, that is, self-represented people. Information on all New York dishes can be found online at Here you will find do-it-yourself forms, answers to legal questions and much more. Visit FindLaw for a description of courthouses in Nassau County and Suffolk County. The Volunteer Lawyers Project („VLP”) provides direct representation to clients with „modest resources.” Typically, clients come with divorce, bankruptcy, and landlord-tenant issues, but the program is flexible. The organization accepts customers by appointment only. We represent individuals in certain cases in Nassau County Family Court. There, legal aid lawyers are appointed by the court to represent financially empowered adults who are involved in custody and visitation matters, child neglect and abuse, family offences (protection orders) and deprivation of parental rights. We also represent defendants in paternity cases and in cases involving violations of a child support order. In New York, New York, Treuhaft & Zakarin, LLP, a local firm, helps clients solve their problems. This organization provides individual counselling and advocacy services regarding landlord-tenants, foreclosure, discrimination and other housing-related issues. The office is located near MacArthur Airport, where the Veterans Memorial Highway meets Johnson Avenue.

Directions can be found on the website. You can call the telephone number of the lawyer placement service. The service will provide you with the name and contact information of a lawyer for an initial half-hour $50 consultation. After that, the fees will be calculated between you and the lawyer. The Nassau County Legal Aid Society is primarily a criminal advocacy organization. This means that the vast majority of our clients have been charged (or convicted) with one or more crimes in Nassau County. Program: Nassau County Legal Aid Society Chief Attorney: N. Scott Banks Address: 40 Main Street, 3rd Floor Hempstead, NY 11550 Tel.: 516-560-6412 Fax: 516-572-1959 Email: 40 Main St.