Marco Legal De La Inclusion Social

Article 8 (Diversity and educational inclusion).- The State shall guarantee the rights of these minority groups or in a particular situation of vulnerability, in order to ensure equal opportunities in the full exercise of the right to education and its effective social integration. For the effective realization of the right to education, educational proposals will take into account the different capacities and individual characteristics of students in order to realize their full potential. The legal framework that supports inclusive education in our country has three fundamental aspects: Article 18. (equal opportunities or equal opportunities).- The State provides the necessary specific support to persons and sectors in particularly vulnerable situations and acts in such a way as to involve persons and sectors that are victims of cultural, economic or social discrimination in order to achieve genuine equality of opportunity in terms of access, sustainability and educational achievement. Article 33 (modalities of formal education).- Formal education shall take into account these specificities, which are permanent or temporary, personal or contextual, through various modalities, understood as organizational or methodological options, with the aim of ensuring equality in the exercise of the right to education. Particular attention is paid to education in rural areas, youth and adult education and education of persons with disabilities in order to promote their inclusion in the fields of formal education according to the possibilities of each individual and to provide them with the necessary support. 1. States Parties recognize the right of persons with disabilities to education. With a view to realizing this right without discrimination and on the basis of equal opportunity, States Parties shall ensure that inclusive education at all levels and lifelong learning are established.2. In exercising this right, States Parties shall ensure that: (A) receive quality education and have access to all sources of information and culture in accordance with this Act.

B) Receive specific and necessary educational support in case of disability or illness that interferes with their learning process. (….) Article 72 (On the rights of students).- Students of an educational centre have the right to: The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (ratified in our country by Law 18.418 of 2008). Article 24, on inclusive education, stipulates: Law on the full protection of persons with disabilities (Law 18.651 of March 2010) Article 40.- Equal opportunities for persons with disabilities from initial education stipulates that their integration into common classes is organized on the basis of the recognition of diversity as an educational factor. so that it aims at the goal of education for all, to enable and deepen the process of full integration into the community. Access to education at all levels of the national education system will be ensured with the necessary support. To ensure this inclusion, program flexibility, evaluation mechanisms, and physical and communicative accessibility are ensured.