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Government of the Philippines Makati Town Hall Address Makati City Hall Business Permit Career Makati City Hall Quarry Makati City Hall Phone Number Makati City Hall Phone Number Makati Town Hall Directory MSWD hotline numbers MAKATI City Hall After receiving your barangay permit and settlement permit, you can now request a BIR registration extension. Renewing the BIR registration allows you to register your records, provide tax identification numbers to employees, pay corporate taxes, and continue to print official receipts. Makati City Vision „Makati must bring the Philippines into the 21st century. century: its global and domestic companies, which pave the way for the creation of a new, responsible and sustainable economy; its citizens who are productive, empowered and God-loving. Access to the personal calendar, Makati City webmail (only for Makati City employees), My.Profile, My.Resume and online job matching is limited to registered MCP members. These are the ONLY areas of the website that require registration from now on. However, it is recommended that Makati residents have a registered account as they will benefit the most from membership in the future. Note: You need a valid email address to register To avoid penalties, fines and government restrictions, you must renew your landing permit before the deadline. Establishment permit renewals are annual events that apply across the country, regardless of where you are in the Philippines. However, you can also do this twice a year or quarterly. Update: From now until December 18, 2022, we have a 2023 Landing Permit Renewal Holiday Promotion: get 15% discount on the renewal of your business permit. Don`t wait and save money by contacting us now to take advantage of this limited time offer. The Makati City portal serves as a personal channel for all city information as well as a personal assistant not only for Makati City residents, but also for visitors who want to learn more about city-related activities.

You will need a valid business permit or Makati City Hall mayor`s permit to allow your business to continue operating in the city. What permits need to be renewed in the Philippines each year? Currently, in the Philippines, three permits must be renewed each year: the barangay or village permit, the mayor`s or settlement permit, and the payment of the annual registration fee to the BIR. Below are the annual permit renewal deadlines for all types of businesses, unless otherwise specified by the government: Renewing your Filipino Settlement Permit is vital to your business, even if you didn`t start operating your business until last year or didn`t register your business until the previous quarter of 2023. You can also follow „My Makati” on social media: Facebook: MyMakatiVerified Twitter: @Mayora_Abby Instagram: mymakati Youtube: MyMakati The renewal of the 2023 Business Permit requires you to prepare the documentation requirements as well as the payment of the fees, and then go to the Business Authorization Licensing Office (BPLO) of your town hall. Failure to comply with the extension of the business permit may result in penalties and sanctions for the company and result in the cessation of banking and rental operations. The processing time for business renewal in the Philippines is one to two months from the renewal date, depending on the LGU. Keep in mind that operating without legal authorization can not only result in the closure of your business, but also serious violations that can result in fines, asset confiscation, and even jail time. If you are unsure how to start the business permit renewal process, please contact us for assistance. Each thread has a reply form at the end of the message. Note that a user must be a member and logged in before they can post replies to the thread. Settlement Licensing Office G/F, Makati City Hall Main Bldg. II J.P.

Rizal St., Poblacion, Makati City This page was last updated on 13 October 2020, at 04:38. Excerpt from „” Mission of the city government « Makati The city government will be the world-class model of local governance: it ensures the well-being of its citizens by providing basic, social and economic services at the highest level with advanced technologies, sustainable and competent financing, responsible and professional civil servants. You cannot delete a message after it has been published. Only the change can be made by the person who posted the message. The member should be responsible for the data/information they publish. Under the MCP banner, a welcome message with your username appears when you are logged in. If you are not logged in, you will see a registration form instead.