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Since our office is less than 15 minutes from the FCO, priority service opens up the possibility of launching higher-level processes on the same day. APHA EHC transport of pets and animals, same-day legalization from UAE embassy, etc. Once completed by the FCDO, we can further process documentation from the London and Arab Chamber of Commerce, Embassy or Consulate in the UK, if required, and return the legalised documentation to the final destination or prepare it for collection at our Central London offices. Our usual practice is to provide a scanned copy of a legalized document and tracking details via email before sending the completed legalized documents. You must bring your documents to the Premium office in central London between 9am and 12.30pm. Guests will receive a pick-up time between 13:30 and 16:30. To receive the apostille / legalization on the same day, you can arrive at our offices no later than 12:00 on a working day. A letter from our offices brings your documents by hand from our offices to the Milton Keynes branch of the Foreign Office`s Legalisation Office. We offer premium rate priority service for receiving documents outside of the office/outside business hours for clients facing tight time constraints. Ready-to-use documents received at our London office before 09:00 (e.g. „Before 0900 NextDay Special Delivery”) will be expedited upon our first batch delivery to the FCO. Although these documents cannot be guaranteed, they are often returned to us before noon.

We offer The Hague Apostille certification through the FCDO UK Legalization Office in London (premium service) and Milton Keynes (standard service). The turnaround time via the Premium service in London is usually 5-7 hours if the documentation is received before 10:00 am and 1-2 working days via the standard service in Milton Keynes (guaranteed service the next day if the document arrives at our office before 11:00). Please note that processing time is only guaranteed if the signature of the UK official who signed/certified the document is recorded in the FCDO database. If a signature verification request is applicable, the processing time depends on how quickly the UK official/department responds to the FCDO with the signature confirmation example. This website has been created to help you effectively obtain the apostille certificate and stamp from the right government agency and provide you with more information. Please use this website as a resource, but if you need to speak to a consultant, please feel free to call us on the toll-free number 0800 772 34 39 or check our full contact details on our contact page. It is recommended to be in our offices early in the morning, because the sooner you visit us, the sooner the same day your apostille / legalization will be ready on the same day. Most documents are legalized with the apostille in just 24 hours. As soon as the documents arrive at our office, we begin to check, certify and process your order. All documents are processed by hand by our team not only to ensure fast service, but also to keep your documents safe. If you have any questions, please visit our Apostille FAQ pages or contact us for a free consultation.

We are expert and experienced in all procedures of all London consulates, e.g. application procedures, document requirements, fees, deadlines, holidays, recent changes. Foreign & Commonwealth Office Premium Service Fee: £75 per document. This is the case in the vast majority of former or current countries of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom and in most American states. For our specific travel guide to the United States, please click here, as the most populous U.S. states usually have stricter requirements. Apply online for a paper apostille or e-apostille. We have been offering this legalisation service since 1998 and have a wealth of experience, so we can handle virtually any UK document and also offer additional legalisation through individual embassies in the UK if required. As long as your documents are in our possession, we take the utmost care to ensure the security of your often valuable documents. Don`t leave your documents to chance when ordering an apostille. Our priority service also extends to customers who can personally hand us over outside the FCO site.

The apostille certificate comes from the Hague Conference in The Hague. Member States of the Hague Conference may accept apostille certificates instead of any other form of legalisation or authentication. The aim is to simplify cross-border laws and eliminate the need for different legalisations of embassies, which vary from country to country. Countries that do not recognize the apostille certificate usually require that a document with an apostille be issued, but then require additional legalization through their own embassy. Processing your documents with the standard service plus courier or postage time can take up to 10 business days. There is no easier way to get an apostille. On our page How to order your apostille you will find the order of mr. Simply print the easy-to-fill order form and send us your document. You can also send us your corporate documents and academic certificates today and one of the team members will tell you how to proceed.

The process of issuing an apostille certificate varies from document to document. The key to our service is to ensure that your document is presented to the FCO with the appropriate seals and signatures to ensure that the Apostille certificate is issued quickly and that your documents are finally accepted when presented to interested parties outside the UK. We can also translate your documents. Visit our document translation page for more information. As part of a document certified or attested by a notary, an apostille is the certificate issued by the BKartA confirming the signature and stamp of the notary and confirming that the notary in question is an authentic and practicing notary. If you send documents by mail, your legalized documents will be returned by courier or mail to the address you provided. Also for the same day Foreign Office Rapid Legalization Service, we must receive your document no later than 2pm on the day you need legalization. The term legalization is commonly used to describe the process of notarization of a legal document so that a foreign jurisdiction recognizes the document as legally valid and has full legal effect in its jurisdiction. We tend to advise against using the Milton Keynes Legalisation Office`s postal service for legalisation, which has already proven to be very slow and can potentially take more than two weeks. We provide only the fastest speeds of apostille legalization services for businesses.

You can download them multiple times and share them digitally, for example via email, USB flash drive or in person by showing your screen. Your fees will be automatically refunded. There is no refund if a recipient rejects a legalized document. Once the apostille certificate has been issued for a UK document, it can be presented outside the UK in any member country and will be accepted as a document containing legal signatures or legitimate seals. Once the documents are legalized, communicate them to the recipient by mail, courier or in person. Welcome to the Office of Legalization This site is intended to help you obtain apostille certificates for your documents through the BKartA. The main role of the Office of Legalisation is to issue apostille certificates for UK documents so that signatures, stamps or seals on the document are accepted in an official capacity when presented to a person, company or authority outside the UK. If you need an apostille for a UK document, the team at the Office of Legalisation can help. The Office of Legalization provides a fast document legalization service that obtains apostille certificates for documents originating in the United Kingdom, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. No – neither the Foreign Office nor any of the consulates in London are open on weekends, and it is only possible to obtain legalisation or consular status on working days outside of public holidays (and often other national or religious holidays in relation to the country the consulate represents).

In addition, a document received as an electronic document/PDF must be certified by the UK notary or practising lawyer as an „authentic copy of the original electronic document/PDF”, which is the wording proposed by the Hague Convention authorities to avoid rejection by the FCDO.