Legal Perch Size Victoria

Macquarie yellow perch can only be caught in Dartmouth Lake and Upper Coliban Reservoir (and their tributaries). The removal of Macquarie yellow perch is prohibited in all other waters. Eating contaminated shellfish can be life-threatening. Closures change frequently throughout the year. It is illegal to harvest shellfish in closed or contaminated areas. Bullen Merri Lake: a total of 5 species for one or more species of estuarine perch, Australian perch and hybrid species. Look at the first column below to see which species can be harvested safely. If there is information in the second column, it is illegal and dangerous to harvest mussel species in these areas. Australian Perch and Estuarine Perch Distinguishing Features: Learn more about permanent restrictions: October 1 to October 31 inclusively. In December, these fish cannot be caught or possessed in, on or near Victorian waters. Possession limit: The maximum number of fish a person is allowed to possess at any given time. This includes fish that are also stored elsewhere, for example in the fridge/freezer.

For the following species or groups of species: bass and Australian perch, bream and tarwhine, flathead species, tailor, luderrick, jack and blue swimming crab, the property line is twice as high as the daily pocket limit. You are responsible for understanding the regulations and restrictions that may affect open fisheries. Closure of the season in rivers and estuaries May – August incl. # Only smooth hammerhead sharks can be taken. Large wavy hammerhead sharks are protected species in New South Wales and must be released immediately with minimal damage. A written description of the areas can be found in the Pacific Fisheries Management Areas Regulations, 2007. 10 total * Octopus cannot be collected from rock shelves in New South Wales or from rock shelves in Sydney Harbour. Zone 19: Download a printable PDF version of this map. * Catch limit, consisting of a single species or a combination of listed grouped species. Bivalve molluscs have 2 foldable shells. Because they feed by filtering microscopic plankton out of the water, changes in water quality can cause dangerous biotoxins, bacteria or marine viruses to build up in their tissues. Snails can also accumulate toxins and pollutants.

Learn more about mussel harvesting. These fish cannot be filleted in or on Victorian waters. They must be stored whole or as a carcass until they are no longer in the water. You can thread your fish on the cleaning tables on the boat launch. All other Victorian waters: a total of 5 fish (of which no more than 2 can be Australian perch). Bag limit: The maximum number of fish or invertebrates per person per day. For fish or invertebrates not listed in the tables below, a maximum of 20 pieces of baggage per day applies. Protected and endangered species cannot be eliminated. 5 in total*.

Only 1 tiger, mako, hammerhead shark# or whaler/blue shark. + All lobsters, crabs, beetles and crabs that carry eggs must be returned to the water.