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Your young lawyer will work on the essential skills of public speaking and how to consider multiple perspectives when performing sketches, plays, and plays readings. This program, formerly called Take the Stage, will have a legal focus this year, as our youngest lawyers learn that each story sometimes has two (or more!) Parents are encouraged to come on the last day and watch the final performance. Shannon Shipley Hinson joined the University of Georgia School of Law in the fall of 2014 as Associate Director of Admissions. In her role, she helps oversee all stages of the admissions process for the Juris Doctor and MSL programs, including application review, decision-making, notification, and scholarship awards. She participates in the development and implementation of the Admissions Office`s recruitment and marketing plan for prospective and admitted students. In addition, Hinson coordinates the law school`s graduate assistant program. Hinson is also director of the law school`s dual degree programs, working with partner schools on campus to recruit and counsel students. Our lawyers will certainly have their day in court when they put famous fairy tale figures on trial. On the program for summer 2019, Aladdin, Humpty Dumpty and Little Red Riding Hood! Students will explore many parts of the legal system, from learning roles in a courtroom to writing closing statements. At the same time, they will develop communication skills, learn to identify multiple perspectives and think critically.

Prerequisites: The legal camp is intended for students who are interested in studying law and does not require a foundation in a show trial or law. Everyone is invited to participate. Night students check in at the dormitory on Sunday evening and depart on Saturday morning. Day students check in on Monday mornings between 8:30 and 9:00. Classrooms are located around campus and students can travel to classrooms or other camp activities on foot, by bus or university vehicle. You can find more details in your confirmation email and in the welcome email that will be sent to you three weeks before the start of the camp. LAO also provides notarial services and assistance with immigration and naturalization. LAO`s services are provided as resources and typically include assistance in the following areas: pre-posting legal preparation, estate planning, family law, consumer protection, debtor and creditor issues, and landlord-tenant issues. Everyone stands up! Our older lawyers will broaden and broaden their basic understanding of the legal system in this dedicated camp. Summer 2019 includes Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood! Students will learn how to raise objections and ask witnesses the best questions. At the same time, they develop communication skills, learn to recognize multiple perspectives and think critically.

LAO provides a wide range of civil legal assistance services to eligible personnel (serving and retired military and their respective dependents) in accordance with the Naval Judge Advocate General`s Manual and the Navy and Marine Corps Supplementary Implementation Rules. If campers already have business attire or business casual, they may want to bring them for Friday`s hearing, but this is completely optional. What do lawyers do? Come to the legal camp and find out! During this camp, you will learn about the many roles lawyers play in our society, from lawyers in the courtroom to decision makers. The camp will be held at the University of Georgia School of Law, where students will hear from local lawyers, current law students, and professors. We will also make a trip to the local courthouse to see the justice system in action! By working together, students improve their critical thinking and public speaking skills by preparing opening statements, questions, and closing arguments for a show trial. Families and friends are invited to watch students demonstrate their new skills on the last day of camp! Get your first 14 days for FREE, no credit card required. Milestones (phases of an incident) can define a case milestone for a case type once, and you never have to do it again. Our Case Milestones allow companies to know exactly where they are at a glance and customize them as much or as little as they want. You can customize any folder type or use standard folder milestones. Stop keeping your calls in a table.

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