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If you are an employer, you can access all the information on our general employers page. Will Wynne, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Smart Pensions, said: „Smart Pension is the only free, end-to-end solution that offers scalable and affordable occupational pension plans to SMBs and through our high-performance advisor platform for their professional advisors. While almost all of our competitors now charge employers for setting up a company pension plan, the ease of use and automation of our platform means we can still offer our company pension plan absolutely free of charge to employers or their advisors. „Learn more about your pension benefits, how to transfer other pensions to your pension and find out what happens when you change jobs. We continue to prioritize inquiries about bereavement, setting up spousal pensions and changing the details. All of our lines are open, although we may occasionally change our hours of operation so that our team can take care of other essential services. Personal data collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention authorities in order to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you may be denied certain services, finances or employment. For more information about how your information is used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, as well as your privacy rights, please visit Use our library of documents to find information you may need for your retirement, savings or investments. Smart Pension is a fintech company specialized in the automatic registration of small and micro-enterprises. LGIM has acquired a minority stake in the digital retirement platform to invest in powerful and innovative technologies that have a positive impact on the UK economy.

Emma Douglas, head of LGIM`s defined contribution buyback business, will serve as a non-executive member of the Board of Directors. If you would like to contact us by email about a product other than retirement, please visit our main customer page so that we can process your request properly. Use our calculators and tools to find out how much income you may need in retirement and what savings they could bring you in income. A chronology of important events dating back to 1836. Investment Stewardship Analyst Neaaz Mozumder was recently featured in Pensions & Investments. In the article, Neaaz comments on the SEC`s new performance pay disclosure rule. Customer Service, Legal & General Home Finance, PO BOX 17225, Solihull, B91 9US. The Financial Ombudsman ServiceExchange TowerLondonE14 9SR If you would like us to call you about our future mortgages. Please enter your full name and phone number. You may also provide your email address if you wish to opt out of receiving emails about our products and services.

Details of how we process your data can be found in our Privacy Policy. In order to process your mortgage application, we share your personal information with credit reference agencies (CRAs) who provide us with information about you, such as your financial history. We do this to assess the creditworthiness and suitability of products, verify your identity, manage your account, investigate and collect debts, and prevent criminal activity. Our customers are at the center of our actions. We develop solutions to build financial resilience and achieve your current and future financial goals. We strive to achieve value for money and excellent service. LGRA has reached the milestone of retaining 100,000 retirees and continues to provide world-class customer service. By providing your email address, you agree that we may send you emails with news, information and offers about the products and services offered by Legal & General Financial Advice. We will never share your information with third parties for their own marketing purposes. This Privacy Policy applies to retail clients who seek financial advice, solicit quotes, purchase our products or enter into agreements with us, as well as individuals we cover under employer-sponsored programs.

We have a separate privacy policy for professional business clients, which you can find on our website. Relay assistants are committed to privacy and any details you share with them, such as identification data or financial information, are safe and secure. The right to force us to delete any personal data we hold about you. This right only applies if, for example: If you contact us from another company (e.g. Bank, insurer, construction company, your employer or their financial advisor), we may share your information with them so that they: „Technological excellence continues to underpin our overall strategy. To succeed in the digital age, we understand the importance of adopting and investing in innovative technology solutions that deliver significant benefits to our customers. We are excited to invest in Smart Pension and to be able to offer LGIM`s savings solutions to the many new savers who are starting to secure their own retirement. If you have a company pension plan, please send an email Legal & General and other organizations can access and use information recorded by fraud prevention authorities in other countries. Please contact our Group`s Financial Crime Unit if you would like to receive relevant information about anti-fraud authorities: We use the personal data we hold about you: If fraud is detected, you may be denied certain services, finances or employment. For more information on how your data is used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, please visit this link, we can usually resolve most issues immediately. If it takes longer, we will contact you to let you know who will take care of it and what the next steps are. The next accounts created by December 31, 2022 are due no later than September 30, 2023.

Use the following information to file a complaint about a legal and general life mortgage or a retirement interest-only mortgage. A complaint to Legal & General Home Finance could include: if you have taken out a lifetime mortgage with us and are not satisfied with the product, or if you are not satisfied with the customer service you have received. When you request a product or receive a service from us, the application form you complete or the resulting contract may contain additional terms relating to how we use and process your personal data. These are in addition to the uses described in this document. L&G Reinsurance specializes in providing life reinsurance solutions to businesses worldwide. We are part of the L&G Group, which has over 180 years of knowledge and expertise in the insurance industry. Our goal is to provide tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Data protection laws require us to comply with certain conditions before we can use your personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. We take this responsibility very seriously. In order to use your personal data, we rely on the following conditions, depending on the activities we perform: Use the following information to make a complaint about general legal and financial advice.

A complaint to Legal & General Financial Advice could include: if you are not satisfied with the advice you have received, the conduct and customer service of the advisor or call handler, or if you have a complaint about our policies. A tangible footprint will be left on your credit report, which can affect your credit score once an application has been submitted.