Grand Forks Afb Legal Office

The Law Center, managed by the judge advocate of the 319th Air Refueling Wing, provides general legal assistance in non-criminal civil cases. These services are available to all active service members, family members and retirees. Registration procedures vary for all military installations. For detailed instructions on Grand Forks Air Force Base processing and reporting procedures, please click here. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have all relevant documents such as your orders and a valid ID. If you are coming from abroad, vaccination records are also important. Keep in mind that if you are moving to Grand Forks AFB with loved ones, you must bring their legal documents. New arrivals can file claims for damaged household items shipped by the government with the carrier or claims staff at the center. The center`s online claims service center, carrier or claims office must receive the DDForm 1840R provided by the carrier within 70 days of the date of delivery.

Legal aid is responsible for military justice, civil law, operational law, claims and legal aid programmes. It provides legal advice to all staff commanders and units, active duty members, their families, retirees and reservists. Legal services include: There are many hotels in Grand Forks. These are just some of the things to consider for you or your family. The Personal Financial Management Program provides financial advice. This is where employees help you achieve your short- and long-term financial goals. Early spring is still cold, but you`ll see a welcome thaw when your average high temperatures start to be above freezing. Late spring will be the most pleasant month of the year with temperatures in the 70s, while summer can be hot (average around 80 degrees), but you probably won`t mind knowing that winter is coming. The best place to find information on moving your personal belongings to Grand Forks AFB is at the Traffic Management Office.

We hope this guide will help you get used to your new job and familiarize yourself with Grand Forks Air Force Base. Tip: Download MyBaseGuide`s Grand Forks Air Force Base Military Relocation Guide for more information on nearby hotels. The appearance of visual information from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) does not imply or constitute an endorsement by the Department of Defense. Moving can be stressful. We hope this guide is helpful to you and gives you an idea of what to expect when you arrive and stay at Grand Forks AFB. Grand Forks is a great place to call home and we hope you have a great experience during your stay there. Grand Forks AFB is located 18 miles west of Grand Forks, a college town where the University of North Dakota is located. Grand Forks is located on the Red River and is the third largest city in North Dakota with about 55,000 residents. Because of its proximity to the university, there is plenty to do and see for young people, but Grand Forks is also a family-friendly environment. If you`re one of those people who loves the change of seasons, Grand Forks is for you.

This is North Dakota, so you can expect cold winters and lots of snow. Winter temperatures are regularly below freezing and the average maximum during these months falls in the mid-teens. On average, Grand Forks receives 42 inches of snow per year and January tends to be the snowiest month. The good news is that the average rainfall in Grand Forks is only 22 inches, well below the U.S. average of 38 inches. The Military Personnel Section (MPS) at Grand Forks Air Force Base is an excellent resource for Grand Forks airmen and families. Find information on issues related to internal processing, deployments, recalls, withdrawals, evaluations, rewards, ID cards, and the Defence Entry Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). The cooling season starts in September, which is perfect for all the pumpkin spice lovers in your life. In October, the average high temperature drops to 52 degrees, a prelude to the new winter cycle. If you plan to live on the base, look at the housing options available on the base.

If not, read on to learn more about life outside the base. Personal Financial Management Program (Airman & Family Readiness Center) Be sure to bring valid military identification when entering Grand Forks Air Force Base. Visitors must register at the Visitor Control Centre. An orientation session for newcomers is held every first Thursday of the month. This orientation is mandatory for all permanent and civilian airmen arriving from the Ministry of Defence. Contact the Airmen and Family Readiness Centre at 1 (701) 747-3241 to register for newcomer orientation. Families are welcome. Tip: Connect with military-grade companies and Grand Forks AFB-exclusive deals on MyBaseGuide. Grand Forks AFB has three doors with different times.

The main gate shares the same location as the visitor centre. The commercial gateway (south) is located on Route 2 on the east side of the base. Eielson School Gate is located north of the main entrance at County Road 3. Check out our complete guide to Grand Forks AFB schools for a more detailed overview. An Amtrak station serves the area and is located in the city of Grand Forks. Legal Affairs and Claims Office 460 Steen Blvd. Ste. 201 307 Grand Forks Blvd. AFB, ND 58205 The Grand Forks metro area offers fun options for all ages. If your family loves outdoor activities, take advantage of the many parks — including dog parks — in the area. During the warmer months, rent a canoe or go fishing on the Red River.

Even in winter, you don`t have to get stuck inside. Rent a snowmobile or take the family cross-country skiing. If you`re a sports fan, catch a game at Ralph Engelstad Arena, home to the University of North Dakota`s eight-time national championship program. River Cities Speedway, the birthplace of dirt track car racing, will certainly attract all gearboxes. There are many school options for kids near Grand Forks AFB. The most convenient option is Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School, which is located on the base and serves Grand Forks AFB military personnel students. Although it is a base, the school is part of the Grand Forks School District, which means that the district provides all the resources and curriculum. The school houses a primary school (K-5. Grade) and a college (grades 6-8) under one roof.