Cadastro Passe Legal

After completing the form with all the necessary information and legibly, the document must be brought to the school for the signature and stamp of the legal representative of the institution. Choose the option for me if the procedure is for you. Select the Third Party option if you are the legal guardian. Sintur registers people aged 65 and over in João Pessoa João Pessoa has a new point for the registration of elderly people and the issuance of a legal pass – Photo: Lara Brito / g1 Paraíba Select the digital service – Option Registration and school information feedback and select the desired service. Make sure your online service is complete. After that, your data and documents will be analyzed within 5 working days. Pay attention to the registered email address or access the legal card portal to track the progress of the registration or re-registration process. To purchase or re-register the school`s legal card, the user must download and print the form via the button below. Registration takes place at the Centro Cultural Mangabeira Tenente Lucena, in Avenida Josefa Taveira, from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Attention: If you study or work in more than one educational institution, include the information separately, one in each area. To be registered, it is enough to present an official document with a photo ID, CPF or CNH and a proof of address. The process is free and optional. Sintur-JP will register the elderly from Thursday (25) — Photo: Lara Brito/g1 Paraíba In addition, this modality offers temporal integration, that is, the possibility of paying without a new fare in the second bus.

Review all the rules here to take advantage of the integration and line options that fall into this advantage. Intended for public transport users living in Florianópolis and the region. To purchase the citizen card, it is necessary to present the original ID and the CPF, proof of residence and to make a recharge of R$ 5 at the headquarters of the Fast Pass at TICEN. To register, an official document with photo (RG or CNH), CPF and proof of residence in João Pessoa is required. The school legal card is aimed at students and teachers who comply with the standards set out in Decree No. 20.433 of June 21, 2018 and must be used in the municipal lines of São Bernardo do Campo. The user must fill out the form at the legal card gas station to make the payment of the same sum of five current full rates, carrying the following mandatory documents (original and copy): The institutional director of Sintur-JP, Isaac Júnior, stressed that the goal will be gradual after the start of the registration plan, until the initiative reaches a large part of the elderly people of the city. „We`re going to start the calendar this Thursday and continue until all the seniors who use public transit, an estimated 30,000 seniors and want to sign up, do so.” Attach in png, jpeg or pdf with a maximum of 10 MB all the documents listed below: After the registration process, seniors already have the Legal Free Pass. But according to Isaac Júnior, those who are not in the system will not suffer any burden and will be able to follow the usual protocols to move by public transport in the city.

In a statement, Sintur-JP stressed that initially, only the public aged 65 and over will be taken into account, in the case of people born between January and February. The calendar for other age groups will continue to be published. Fill in all the requested fields carefully and correctly. Log in to your account and select the New Online Service option. The novelty is available on the under the banner „View the situation of your single ticket”. To access your data, you must enter the card number or, if not available, the CPF number. The user must bring personal documents (RG and CPF) to register and issue the card. Upon registration, the following information is requested: full name; gender; date of birth; mother`s full name; Social security number. Click here to see the charging points that make up and complete the common single ticket.

To create the citizen card, simply present the CPF, an identity card with photo and phone number, at our SINTUR stations. You can get credits for the single-ticket voucher in the online store, in physical stores or in accredited companies. The Union of Urban and Passenger Transport Companies (Sintur-JP) started on Thursday (25) with the registration of the elderly to issue the Legal Pass insertion in the electronic ticketing system for the use of public transport in João Pessoa.