Associate Legal Officer Iaea

– Conduct research and benchmarking to review legal studies and reports and provide feedback. – Provide initial drafts of legal advice and contribute ideas and analysis to broader studies or opinions. – Research and preparation of draft legal issues relating to the functions, structures and activities of the IAEA. Questions may be general or relate to specific aspects of constitutional, international, public, private and administrative law. – Selection and analysis of international and national legal documents for the preparation of reports or studies. – Provide a preliminary interpretation of legal instruments such as constitutions, laws, treaties, agreements, rules and rules, resolutions or other legal documents. – Legal advice on matters of limited scope, such as the application of laws or by-laws and by-laws. – Provision of secretariat services to committees and bodies through: preparation of background papers, reports, documents and other documents; Synthesis of views and practices on specific topics. – preparation of preliminary draft contracts and agreements, internal rules and regulations; Conduct a preliminary review of the legal aspects of draft letters, agreements and other texts. The General Legal Department is primarily responsible for providing legal advice and assistance in all areas of the Secretariat to ensure that iaea activities (in particular administrative and corporate affairs, including human resources, audits, contracts and other trade agreements, financial rules and regulations, supply and relationship agreements with Member States, the United Nations, B. cooperating institutions and other international organizations) are in accordance with applicable agreements, regulations, rules, guidelines and jurisprudence. Under the close supervision of the Head of Section and under the direction of senior legal officers, the Associate Legal Officer conducts research and drafts general legal briefs on a range of tasks covering all areas of the OLA. If you are interested in joining the Repatriate Career Network (RCN) and receiving resumes of U.S.

citizens preparing for repatriation from employment at the IAEA, please subscribe to RCN notifications. There are no fees associated with joining the RCN or receiving resumes from U.S. experts. Please note that these alerts regarding available CVs (in your specified areas of expertise) are sent by IAEA programs in Argonne on an ad hoc basis, as approved by the repatriated U.S. expert. We are not able to post job postings or provide a database of candidates. The Office of Legal Affairs, which reports directly to the Director General, provides the Director General, the Secretariat and IAEA agencies and bodies, as well as Member States, with legal services of the highest possible level with regard to the implementation of IAEA activities. CFE contracts usually have a duration of two years. At the end of this period, the Agency may request an extension of the contract on the grounds that the EFC is essential to the continuation or completion of the project or programme on which it is working. Since CFEs are not intended to replace regular staff, the U.S. government must be satisfied that the agency could not replace the CFE with a regular employee and that an extension of the current CFE position would be in the best interests of the IAEA and the United States.

If your contract with the IAEA expires within the next six months and you would like your information to be distributed to recruiters registered with the Repatriated Careers Network (NCR), please send us your CV at [email protected]. Application deadline 1 year ago: Friday, October 30, 2020 at 22:59 UTC At regular intervals, the IAEA requires additional expertise in certain areas in the form of additional personnel. The IAEA is asking the U.S. government to fund a free expert (CFE) in the field who has highly specialized skills. The CFE is temporarily joining the IAEA to help implement a new project or programme. If you would like to receive a notification when these free experts are announced, please subscribe to our job alerts and indicate that you are interested in working at the IAEA. There are currently no vacancies to be filled. Please inquire about future job offers and subscribe to our job alerts. – At least two years of relevant experience in each area of law.

– Very good oral and written English skills. Knowledge of other official IAEA languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) is an asset. Click on the banner to see the profiles of our interns, JPO and CFE. Similar programmes for the IAEA Safeguards Department are managed by the International Safeguards Project Office (ISPO) at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Associate Lawyer is: a member of the team who works with the members of the General Legal Service and, if necessary, with all the employees of the Office, and an analyst who carries out the comparative analysis and preparation of summaries. Regular temporary positions offer an initial appointment of three years, which may be extended based on program requirements and job performance. Generally, five years is the normal period during which an employee can expect to be employed by the IAEA. The U.S. government sponsors U.S. citizens to work for the IAEA as free experts, junior professional officers, and trainees. IAEA programmes coordinate these sponsorships for non-IAEA departments and offices reporting to the Director General. Vienna is also home to many offices of the United Nations and other international institutions, including the IAEA.

It is a safe and welcoming city for visitors and residents. Vienna has long prided itself on one of the highest living standards in the world. In 2019, Vienna retained its title of the best place in the world for expats to live from the annual Mercer Quality of Life Survey for the tenth consecutive year. Click here to learn more about American expats in Vienna. Internship missions, sponsored by IAEA programmes in Argonne, last one year. Selected interns who are non-local recruits must apply for a one-year visa to work in Austria (or at the workplace). Interns cannot enter on a U.S. tourist visa. U.S. citizens are eligible to participate in the program if they are 20 years of age or older and have completed at least three years of full-time study at a university or equivalent institution by the time they complete their first degree.

Graduates can apply up to one year after completing their bachelor`s, master`s or doctoral degree. For assistance, U.S. applicants can contact us at [email protected]. Name****Definition Analytical thinkingCollects and analyzes information, identifies critical relationships and patterns between data, and suggests feasible solutions. Judgment/decision-makingExamines with the supervisor/manager and makes decisions in full compliance with the organization`s rules and regulations. Technical/scientific credibilityQuierts and applies new skills to stay up to date in their area of expertise. Reliable application of knowledge of basic technical-scientific methods and concepts. The required CTF expertise assignments are drafted by the IAEA to match the qualifications required by professional staff at senior professional levels. Candidates interested in CFE assignments must have an advanced university degree and adequate work experience in the profession of their choice. CFE tasks are usually based on P3 (minimum: five years of relevant experience), P4 (minimum: seven years of relevant experience) or P5 (minimum: ten years of relevant experience) and do not involve management or supervisory tasks. Positions are only open to U.S.

candidates, unless otherwise stated in the job description.