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At Access to Justice, we work to create better public policy so that every Arkansan is treated fairly in the civil justice system. We do not provide legal advice or representation to individuals, but we hope to be able to put you in touch with resources to help you. Read on to find the right resource for you. Arkansas` civil legal assistance provider, the Center for Arkansas Legal Services and Legal Aid of Arkansas, accepts most customers through a toll-free nationwide hotline. You can also apply online. When you call or apply online, you will be selected to ensure that you are financially eligible for assistance. When the legal aid program processes your case, the services you receive may include: The partnership brings together doctors, nurses, social workers, lawyers and paralegals to address the social and environmental determinants of poor health that can be addressed, including: poor housing conditions; domestic violence; food insecurity, income and housing; and the abusive denial of Medicaid and disability benefits. There are two free legal aid organizations in Arkansas that provide civil legal assistance to low-income Arkansans. The Center for Arkansas Legal Services and Legal Aid of Arkansas supports thousands of clients each year in priority areas such as family law, consumer issues, bankruptcy or evictions. Eligibility is based on federal poverty guidelines. No. When someone speaks to a lawyer, that conversation is confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege. To ensure that conversations on AR Free Legal Answers remain confidential, we ask the person with the legal problem to ask the question.

„I urge all Arkansans to remain vigilant as they begin the cleanup process and exercise caution when approached with unsolicited home repair offers,” said Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. „Scams are common after extreme weather and in these already challenging times, fraud can place an additional burden on Arkansans if services are not completed as promised.” If you can`t afford to pay for legal assistance at full price, you should consider hiring a lawyer to provide „unbundled services,” also known as „à la carte legal services.” Lawyers who offer this type of service usually charge a reduced fee. In return, you agree that they only handle part of your case and that you will be responsible for the rest of your case. You can find lawyers who offer this type of legal assistance at low cost by clicking on the button below. You don`t need to have a small income to use this service. Our pro bono attorneys can help you with any non-criminal issues you have in Arkansas. These include issues relating to divorce, custody, visits, debts, bankruptcy, unemployment benefits, eviction, discrimination in housing, etc. For example, if you divorce, a lawyer who provides unbundled legal services might agree to draft the divorce lawsuit and advise you on what to say at the hearing, but you would be responsible for filing the complaint, appearing before the judge, and dealing with the other parts of your case. You and a lawyer who provides unbundled services can agree that the lawyer will more or less deal with your case. In general, the more the lawyer has to deal with your case, the higher his fees will be and the more you will process your case, the lower his fees will be. The CHI St. Vincent Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) is an ongoing partnership between CHI St.

Vincent and the Center for Arkansas Legal Services (CALS) which provides free, non-criminal legal services to patients and families in Chi St. Vincent. If you are eligible for free legal answers, you can ask three questions per year. However, if your questions are related, you should post all parts of your question together. This will ensure that the pro bono lawyer who helps you is aware of all parties to your legal problem. When a patient is referred to the MLP, the patient speaks to a CALS representative to obtain information about the patient`s civil law issues and jointly decides on the best steps to resolve the patient`s problem. Translated from the Latin pro bono publico, „pro bono” means „for the common good”. In the legal profession, the term „pro bono” generally refers to the provision of free legal services to those who cannot afford such services and to non-profit organizations, not-for-profit organizations and other groups that work for the common good. The Center for Arkansas Legal Services (CALS) is a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to low-income Arkansans in civil matters. CALS focuses on issues of family law, landlord-tenant housing law, domestic relations, consumer law and civil service law. While one in five Arkansans is eligible for legal aid, nearly 50 percent of those seeking help must be turned down due to lack of resources.

MLP clients do not pay attorneys` fees for the services they receive from MLP, but if there are legal fees or other costs related to the patient`s legal matter, the patient would be responsible for paying those fees if the court or a third party does not waive the fees. Thank you, Sarah Ridgley, artist and lawyer, for your generous donation of $50,000 to Arkansas Legal Aid and the Center for Arkansas Legal Services. Generosity like yours makes a huge difference in the lives of our customers and the number of people we can serve. Your donation provides free civil assistance to another 125 low-income Arkansan families. What impact this will have not only for our organizations, but also for the whole of Arkansas. We are eternally grateful for your support. Thank you Sarah! Your work can be found here To file an application or make a referral for legal counsel, please download and fill out this form: Arkansas Legal Aid Providers, the Center for Arkansas Legal Services, and Arkansas Legal Aid, have created a website with publicly available legal resources. These resources include fact sheets, videos, forms and more. To access these resources, click one of the following links. An important note on legal services: MLP does not deal with cases of misconduct, criminal cases, bodily injury or other fee-generating cases or other civil law cases where a referral is readily available for services elsewhere.

This website is for general information purposes only. The information contained on this website does not constitute legal advice. Legal advice depends on the specific circumstances of each situation. Bowen School of Law has partnered with CALS so that Bowen students can volunteer with CALS and engage in pro bono representation under the supervision of CALS lawyers. Students who volunteer at CALS work directly with the office`s lawyers, helping them draft pleadings, conduct legal research, interview clients, investigate cases, and prepare for court proceedings. Students can also attend court hearings. The mission of the MLP is to bring stability to individuals and families through the provision of civil legal services. To apply for legal aid, click on the button below or call 1.888.540.2941.

The MLP can help with many different civil law issues, including: CALS student volunteers also have the opportunity to assist with their outreach and community building efforts by writing and updating fact sheets on legal issues, updating the CALS Poverty Law Practice Manual, and assisting in the production of informational videos. Students can also participate in a live Internet chat service that CALS offers through its website to help people find information relevant to their legal affairs. Projects are available that can be completed both during regular business hours and in the evenings and on weekends, so there are volunteer opportunities for both full-time and part-time students. In addition to the sense of personal satisfaction that comes from providing legal services to those in need, students who volunteer at CALS also gain valuable work experience and have the opportunity to learn from dedicated and experienced lawyers. AR Free Legal Answers can help you with this! AR Free Legal Answers is a website where you can ask a question about your non-criminal problem and answer it for free by a lawyer. To be eligible, you do not need to have the means to hire a lawyer. This service only provides answers to legal questions, the lawyer who answers your question will not represent you in the whole case or will not go to court for you. To ask your question, click on the button below.

If you`re looking for a lawyer in your area, the Arkansas Bar Association can help. The Arkansas Bar Association is a group that lawyers join to network with other lawyers and improve their legal skills. They have a directory of lawyers from the Arkansas area. Click the button below to use the Find-A-Lawyer service. Legal Aid is a nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services to low-income Arkansans with civil law issues in 31 counties. LITTLE ROCK — Northeast Arkansas is cleaning up and entering the rebuilding phase after a storm swept through the region on Friday. True to heart, many Arkansans will want to help their neighbors clean up and rebuild, but scammers will seize the opportunity to take advantage of injured communities, especially since supply chains make it harder to buy products needed for home repairs. Call our helpline at 1-800-952-9243 or apply online.